It's a new and there are more tildes than you can shake a tilde at!

While I spend some time in IRC, I spend more time on the command line tinkering with this or that. If you want to interact with me, it's easiest to shoot me an email [username] I also run a smaller, slower, quieter pubnix at

Testing out pisg for automated analysis of ~team IRC usage:

Some History

Tildes like or are a modern version of an old style* system called public acccess Unix systems (of course, "Unix", should now be replaced more often with BSD or GNU/Linux). These are sometimes called "pubnixes". I wrote a history and commentary on public access Unix systems, now run as the Public Access Unix History Documentation Project. You are welcome (and encouraged!) to contribute:

* How old? The first pubnixes were created in 1982, well before Gopher and the WWW.