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An update

March 27, 2021 — ~epl692

Well, I’ve been using tilde for a couple of weeks now. And I’m enjoying the experience. There is a very friendly IRC community here and the botany program is pretty cool. I’ll keep working on things and see how it goes.


tags: hello-tilde, update, epl692

Hello Tilde!

March 08, 2021 — ~epl692

Hello Tilde! I’m epl692, a long time unix/linux user excited to try something new. Heck, I’m even trying a new shell out, fish! So much to do, and enjoying it.

Things to do: * Finish setting up some basics on fish [x] * Learn the keybindings behind byobu [x] * Finish perfecting my IRC setup [~]

Anyways. Should be fun!


tags: intro, welcome, epl692, hello-world, hello-tilde, todo