1. here we go again i guess. another day.

  2. oh,

  3. happy
  4.       valentines
  5.             day.

  6. i guess.

  7. i think i'm going to try working on my unity shit some more. wish me luck.

  8. i meant to show you these the other day. i didn't upload them.

  9. oh.     keep jumping friend. it won't help.
  10. oh.            i like how you're faling in this one.

  11. i'm working more on this site right now rather than my character control system. be back soon.

  12. struggling to make this f**king character move to directions at the same time. what is wrong with me. I can see it's clearly something to do with not being able to run two if checks but i can't fix it.

  13. i fixed it. now we're fucking ice skating. -+
  14. oh.
  15. lmao imagine crashing your unity. big dumbo
  16. is it sad? i don't know. but i'm very proud of this little thing I've created. it might be my first actual piece of programming.
  17. oh.
  18. oh.
  19. don't mind me, just on my way to do some walking.
  20. oh.
  21. oh i suppose it's close enough. huh?
  22. off on a H O T date now. i'll see you later.
  23. i love you.