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Too many things at once

May 23, 2024 — ~jacksonchen666
  • Gentoo experiments
  • Finding what’s wrong with imac backup drives
  • I can’t even use a search engine anymore (Bing broke, so everything that uses bing is broken)
  • sourcehut patches for hut project links update
  • Homebrew patches for ditto
  • Over 50 items in the TODO list, most of them not being discarded
  • Upgrades and upgrades and upgrades

Yeah… today is a mess.

Tags and tilde.team over Tor update

March 02, 2024 — ~jacksonchen666

This blog supports tags. My main website blog doesn’t. However, I’ve also rarely used tags on this blog as well. Why?

Well, I don’t know what’s a good way to tag stuff yet. I’ve removed all the previous tags on my website because it was an incoherent mess.

And I don’t know what to write anymore so next: I’m not using tilde.team over Tor anymore. Using it over mutt doesn’t make it only over Tor, and using SSH over Tor was a pain in the latency part of things.

And I’ve again run out of words. So uh I guess bye?

The Fediverse

February 27, 2024 — ~jacksonchen666

If you were not aware by now, I am on the fediverse. And sometimes, the fediverse is just “The Fediverse”.

More specifically, the fediverse having a “The Fediverse” moment is where a bunch of folks talk about *insert topic here*. My feed tends to be overflowed with that kind of stuff sometimes when those moments happen, and those things can last for many days.

It feels like I’ve been losing the diversity of my feed as well, through following and unfollowing accounts.

And sometimes it feels like I need to stop using the fediverse for a little bit. But I have nothing other than the fediverse.

ok well that’s not true i’m on tilde.team after all But the important part is that I felt like there was nothing other than the fediverse. It feels like there’s only one thing I can do, and that’s the fediverse.

I should probably change it so that I have more than just the fediverse to do something on, like i dunno, tilde.team.

So uh, I guess I’ll try to be more on tilde.team?

A longer inactivity…

October 03, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666

I did nothing on here. Basically for months.

Kind of surprised they didn’t just delete my account, even though I attempted to backup my tilde blog like constantly (which also seems to have failed).

So, imac is down again. It’s another sudden power outage, which seems to be happening quite more often. I’m not sure why that’s happening, but what I do know is that it’s happening, which is annoying, because I have 2 solutions:

  1. Get imac to boot after power failure.

    I still haven’t figured out how to do that on Linux. Plus, it’s down right now, so I can’t test right now.

  2. Get a UPS.

    An option that costs money. However, I’m too lazy to move around places too, and I don’t know of which stores that sell UPSes.

    This prevents the imac from suddenly losing power in the middle of doing things, and it can safely shutdown as needed. In fact, because laptop-server has its own battery (it’s a laptop after all), I have configured it to shutdown on low battery (which seems to drain pretty fast for some reason, maybe I need a replacement and a way to take care of it).

  3. Let the cycle happen again

    Currently what I’m doing. Free of cost, but not free of pain.

Another thing, iTerm beta crashes on mouse move in mouse enabled programs. That’s fun to deal with.

Oh, and I should probably write a real blog post for my real website. I am like… 1 blog post away from 100 days. I think.

A long inactivity

August 12, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666

Sorry, I just decided I had much more things to do, and I went and I guess, did them.

I’m not sure what to write on this blog. This is like an alt blog, but it’s kind of here for no reason instead of here for a reason (actually everything is for no reason so who cares)

Mediumly inconvenienced

July 23, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666

In the last blog post I talked about disabling favorites and boosts in my Mastodon notification settings.

Thing is, it’s very inconvenient. Very, very inconvenient. Because trying to switch between types of notifications is buggy for some reason, and I have no idea if it’s glitch-soc to blame.

So I’m just reverting back.

Less dopamine dispensers

July 17, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666


decided to turn off notifications for favorites and boosts so if i get a banger i might never notice

So yeah, I have turned off those kinds of notifications: Boosts, favorites, etc.

I’ve written quite a bit of posts that can get quite a bit of interactions. Sometimes, a lot of interactions.

The reasoning for this was probably because of someone who now follows me. They favorite toots a lot. This creates a lot of notifications.

The cycle of creating a post and expecting an interaction is really getting me, so I’ve decided to run away from it for a bit.

I’ve also disabled autoplaying GIFs. This should make it less interesting/eye catching since even my own profile picture is a GIF (it’s a clock)

Also, this was a bit inspired by the Gemini project FAQ which was updated like yesterday.

It’s at gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/docs/faq.gmi (I can’t make it a link because for some reason it refuses to, even though it’s a URL)

At sourcehut, it’s quite boring. There’s no “stars” or “badges” or whatever the crap GitHub (Microsoft) is trying to sell these days.

I have also only sometimes touched the web interface of sourcehut, only needing to use hut builds show -f $build_id to check when a build for my main website (at https://jacksonchen666.com) has finished.

It also seems like Drew is actively refusing implementing the “social” aspects into sourcehut, and he has refused so many things that has to do with “Dopamine dispensers”.


Hello tildeverse/tilde.team!

July 14, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666

I am writing words into this editor, this time with a little more abstractions/layers in it.

I am currently using this thing called byobu which they have on tilde.team. I am also using mosh because I am tunneling my connection over Tor 🙃. (mosh seems to work quite well in that scenario!)

I’m also slowly figuring out how to use mutt and weechat (like, actually using them not just barely using them), but progress for that may take a bit of time, and the progress may stall too.

I’m also gonna have to learn how to type tilde correctly, since I’ve made a few typos on that word.

Also, for some reason, I keep getting bell sounds from weechat… pretty sure I already tried to disable notifications that are not highlights. I don’t know.

Anyways, this will not be counted towards the 100 days to offload challenge. Have a day.

Hello World!

July 13, 2023 — ~jacksonchen666

Hello World!

I am here, too.

More coming soon?


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