The whole point of having a account (for me) was to have a place where it is easy to provide content using the Spartan protocol. I did that at: spartan:// Eventually I found a way to set up a Spartan server on the same host as my website, so my Spartan content is now at spartan:// You may also find me on Mastodon at

What Is Your Plan?

Degrowth is inevitable. What is your plan to to adapt to the changes that are coming?

Spartan Client Software

Since I'm now focussing my efforts on the Spartan protocol it is probably a good idea to point folks to appropriate client software. As of mid-June 2022 I am thinking that Lagrange is the best choice for a Spartan client.

Graphical Clients

Lagrange is a GUI client available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux/BSD (with Android and iOS versions in the testing stage). If you work primarily in text mode, whether in a terminal window or at the console, you can compile a TUI version of Lagrange that provides the same functionality and user interface as the GUI version.

Eva also looks like it could be a good choice. It is still in early stages of development but is usable now. It is probably not yet available from your system's package manager or software store, so you'll likely have to build it from source code.

Text-mode Clients

Bollux is a friendly fork of the original Bollux. It's not entirely written in bash and it has experimental support for spartan:// and file:// protocols. If your system's package manager or software store offers Bollux it likely is the original version and won't have support for Spartan.

I've just been testing the "gelim" CLI client for Gemini and Spartan. It has some nice features: integrated search of gemspace, word wrap so that long lines are easier to read, and mouse support (in X11). It is written in Go and is probably not in your system's package manager or software store, so you'll need to have "git" and "go" (or "golang") installed to build it from the source code.

Web Proxy

If you don't have a Spartan client you may still read it in your old-fashioned web browser using the Spartan-to-HTML proxy at

A account provides lots of other nice features for folks who like to keep things simple*, including a minimalist blog server. Here's what there is of my blog in the tildeverse, up until I got my Spartan blog working -- all new blog content will only be there. There is also another remnant of my early testing of blog software on this server, at /slog.

* - "Simple" in a Linux sort of way. There is an old story of a Linux user who responded to a complaint that Linux is not at all user-friendly in this way: "Of course Linux is user-friendly! It's just picky about who its friends are."