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Making a tilde?

November 28, 2020 — ~kiiwiiwastaken

So I’m thinking about making my own tilde- er rather it’s a pubnix system, since that’s technically what all tildes are, but this one is a bit of a neat concept…

So most pubnix systems to my knowledge run off of some substantial hardware. ~team which is what I’m on right now has like a 500gb hard drive for /home! What I think would be neat is there was a pubnix that ran off very limiting hardware such as… a raspberry pi!

If you’ve been on the irc lately in #meta, you’ll know I’ve been trying a bunch of things out for my rpi and keep reformatting it since nothing is peaking my intrest. I’ve tried a seedbox but didn’t have enough storage for seeding a lot of things. Tried to run a gitea instance but thought it was dumb since I can just one via codeberg or tildegit. Then I realized that I don’t think anyone is running a pubnix off a pi yet. This pi by the way is a very old model (I believe a model 1!) so that’ll make running things much more of a challenge…

I think the main thing I wanna get set-up is public_html directories for users first, then see where it goes from there. I have a 32gb sd card for it, and if there isn’t that much data I feel like I can get a dozen users at max? I will definetly upgrade the pi if more users want to get on and may add some programs for others to mess with!

That’s all for now, I’ll update either later today or tomorrow with how it goes on my mastodon account, which you can find here

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First Post

November 19, 2020 — ~kiiwiiwastaken

Hello! My name is KiiwiiWasTaken and this is my blog! I mainly use the gopher version of a blog, called a phlog, so this’ll be more or less everything from there just copy-pasted :)