Achievement unlocked: can hand edit a raw diff [June 17, 2020]

13:11:24           gregkh | laumann: nope, anything after --- and before the diff itself is ignored.
13:11:41           gregkh | laumann: that's where you put your "v2: fixed the problem that gregkh pointed out" notes :)
13:12:30         ukleinek | ..ooOO(It matters if it looks like a diff. Learned that the hard way)
13:12:54          laumann | excellent, thanks - yeah, I usually put comments that shouldn't go in the commit message bethween "---" and the diff stat
13:12:56           gregkh | ukleinek: ok, yes.
13:16:50          laumann | haha! It worked
13:17:07          laumann | I even had to edit some diff hunks in place because the context lines didn't quite match up
13:17:20                * | laumann feels super-powerful now
13:35:21           gregkh | laumann: oh, nice!  You now can add the line "can hand edit a raw diff" to your CV, welcome to the club!  :)
13:35:41                * | gregkh has loads of useless things like that on his CV...
13:35:44          laumann | \o/

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