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Morning musings

August 09, 2018 — ~th3str3ak

It strikes me more and more often that while some people say they want change, they are shockingly unwilling to change their ways. Worse still are the greater number of people who do not even realize that change is a realisit option. i like to call these people "stuck in the matrix".

much like the humans in the movie "The Matrix", they are so interdependent on the system that they can, in effect, not be disconnected from that system and remain functional as human beings.

I wager that the problem will go away with time, as with most things. THe only question is; how much of a mess will we make on the way?

tags: the-system, the-matrix

Suiting up, gearing up

August 03, 2018 — ~th3str3ak

I have been keeping my eye on the whole tilde movement for some time, and after the untimely demise of, this looked like the next, solid bet. So, here I go again, on my own, jumping on a retro-modern wave of secure shells, text editors, and just having a 80s and 90s blast.

Here's to diving head first into soemthing new. New for me, at least.

tags: new-beginnings, first