Hi, call me Zampanò.

I have my hands in a lot of different pots, although without as much to show for it as I'd often like. But this is more my own unreasonable demands of myself than anything. I'm hoping tilde.team can serve as a central repository of sorts, even if individual projects are hosted elsewhere.


I actually write for a living, but not in any interesting way. I do legal-adjacent writing for a large bureaucracy. I've had some degree of graphomania for as long as I can remember, so this seems fitting enough, even if I don't get any particular satisfaction from it. But I knew writing had a special place in my life when I would come home from writing all day only to want to write some more.

For now, my writing is mostly my blog on Write.as, although I also mirror it to the Midnight as well. Both sites have excellent privacy policies, with the Midnight being slightly more minimalistic. It also has a Gemini version, although I haven't played around with that.


This section will be short for the time being. I'm still in my early days as a visual artist, and have a long way to go before I'll feel comfortable sharing my work on the broader internet. I also have to get myself to a place where I'm ok with what I draw being spread all over, used for purposes I may not agree with (such as NFTs), and the like.

My primary media are digital (Procreate on an iPad Pro) and graphite, with water-based markers next on the list.


This is something I've dabbled in for as long as I can remember, but self-teaching has never been a strong suit. I'm hoping I can learn more from the other folks here on tilde.team.

I try to keep my projects simple (read: actually possible for me), and generally code in some combination of web front-end (HTML, CSS, JS) and Go. I avoid JS libraries whenever possible, and have a serious dislike for npm. There are a host of issues that coding from scratch avoids, and it also forces me to learn more than I would otherwise. Most of my projects right now are tools to make some part of my own life easier, but with the hopes that they'll be useful for others as well.

I maintain a dev blog here on the tildeverse, and some public code repositories here.


I'm not on any social media platforms to speak of, unless you count the blogs I maintain (see above). The Midnight is mainly a mirror of my write.as blog, although it does allow comments.

I do spend much of my days hanging around the tildeverse IRC server.

Worst-case, there's always e-mail.