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hi teammates!

the tilde.chat irc network is available publicly at irc.tilde.chat:6697 (with ssl) as a round robin of available nodes.

to connect directly to our node, you can use the following addresses:

this is the beginning of the tilde.chat irc federation! more info on that site.

here are some options to connect:

weechat relays

weechat introduced unix socket relays in version 2.5 which is a much easier way to offer per-user relay access.

username.ttm.sh/weechat is configured to proxy to the default unix relay socket location (~/.weechat/relay_socket). to get started using it, follow these steps.

  1. in weechat:

    • /relay add unix.weechat %h/relay_socket
    • /set relay.network.password mysupersecretpassword - don't use this password of course. note that you might already have this set.
  2. at your shell:

    • chmod o+rw ~/.weechat/relay_socket - note that other members of the team group are not included in the granted permissions. this allows nginx to connect to your socket on your behalf. you will need to do this every time you start weechat as the socket doesn't exist until weechat starts up.
  3. in your relay client:

    • glowing-bear:

      • $user.ttm.sh
      • port 443
      • your relay password
    • weechat-android and lith:

      • connection type: websocket (ssl)
      • websocket path: weechat
      • relay host: $user.ttm.sh
      • relay port: 443
      • your relay password
    • (if you get "Error: Could not connect using WebSocket", check to be sure ~/ and ~/.weechat have at least o+rx permissions so nginx can reach ~/.weechat/relay_socket)


the system znc authenticates using your shell password (same as with email and nextcloud). reach out to an admin on irc or email sudoers@tilde.team.

the web interface is available at znc.tilde.team.

client connections are on port 6699 with ssl.

you can add network connections (up to 10) via web or via a direct client connection.

see the znc wiki for more information.


you can connect to irc channels via your xmpp account.

for more info see the xmpp wiki page.

tl;dr, join an irc channel with this room address format:


for more info, see the tilde.chat wiki for info on bots and other specifics.